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Of Love and feelings : From wife to husband : One

3 Mars 2014 , Rédigé par Kader Rawat




Of Love and feelings


From wife to husband





After having taken an abrupt decision, I take once more my pen, wishing that it will last as long as we live together, describing the various ups and downs of our common life. During this lengthy correspondence which will last, if God wants, up to our old age, I hope that there is in these letters our thoughts kept at the bottom of our hearts, because I have always known that, since we lived together, you don't tell me all you think of me and of our lives. I am sure that you believe that I do not know you enough, but, on the contrary, I can read clearly within your deep thought. What I seek through these lines is to try to find a man who is frank next to me and who said the truths in face without torturing himself by keeping silence. I know you well enough, and even very well, to guess what you have in the bottom of your heart. During the last week, I was filled with joys. 

This time, a cold draws itself up as an absolute wall between us. I hope it will soon dissipate. I want to have a proof of your love for me and also of your sincerity. On my side, you know very well the greatness of my love for you. I can shout, if necessary, how much I love you. This is the intense love that I have for you, and which create my fierce jealousy. I have said over and over, the day I will no longer be jealous, I think it will also be the end of my love. I want you to belong only to me. I may even put a plate "private property, defense to touch! That makes you laugh. I have in myself this powerful love. I will always fight that you have eyes only for me. I will do everything in my power that it would always be likewise. 

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