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The Far Away Colony Chapter 4

18 Février 2014 , Rédigé par Kader Rawat








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The Far Away Colony 


Chapter 4




Julie had proved in some days' work what she worth and the bosses were satisfied. She easily managed to please the girls and fascinate the boys. She found herself in a situation she could not refuse to allow favors to her young bosses all day long. They required her to do this or that with the aim of familiarizing with her. Sometimes she was shy and felt embarrassed while perceiving to what extent she incited her little bosses' curiosity and interest. Those boys were still young; their minds were open, despite their father's strictness to preserve them from all corruption; they could not ignore the pleasure they got while getting closer to this girl who rushed up at their least call. Since their very young age they were corrupted by their schoolmates, influenced by the relationships they established with young rascals from poor neighborhoods and with friends having lots of experiences in this field; they let themselves dragged by adventures allowing them to satisfy their curiosity and discover the perversity and vice. They were interested in girls and looked for ways to get their esteem. They turned around the newcomer and waited for the moment to start a conversation and know more about her. She found peace when she returned to her bedroom late at night. She was not really bothered, even though she preferred the girls' company. She avoided familiarizing with the boys. She always founded an excuse to get rid of them when she found that they were spending too much time by her side. She was not interested in encouraging her young masters to have their hearts set on her and to represent that object of desire that was there to corrupt the good customs. Yet at any time of the day one of the little bosses found the opportunity to snatch some words from her mouth. She could not tolerate such behaviour to avoid unpleasantness. She understood that they were interested in her for fun; sometimes, in order not to displease them, she accepted to play their game.

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